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The Beach

The Beach      Every summer is a bit of a different for me each year, but one thing that will always stay the same and that is the countless hours I spend on the beach every summer. I love pretty… Continue Reading →

My Trip to Hawaii

In a blog I made a while ago I talked about places I want to go and I listed that Hawaii was one of places I wanted to go. Lucky for me a few weeks ago I got to go… Continue Reading →

Things i Consider Perfect

Crocs Crocs are one of those things that despite what time of year it is the minute I smell the light scent of rubber they give off once you’ve worn them it takes me back to the summer Dirt biking… Continue Reading →

My Favourite Music Artists

Since it’s almost the beginning of a new year I thought it would be a good idea to almost a reintroduction of myself on my blog by starting with what kind of music I listen too. Music is a large… Continue Reading →

Places I want to travel!

For only being 13 years old I’d like to say that I’ve traveled quite a lot but there’s still some places I would love to travel too. I don’t know about you but for quite a while now I’ve wanted… Continue Reading →

My Summer!

The summer break I had this year was packed with loads of fun stuff, twists and turns, ect. One of the first things I did this summer was go to camp, both me and Madi went together. If I’m being… Continue Reading →

My Favourite Movies

One thing that I will always enjoy doing is sitting down on a Saturday night with a bunch of junk food and binge watching a series or just sitting down and watching a movie so I decided why not make… Continue Reading →

Summer is absolutely amazing!

I know summer is probably the most popular season among many, but i understand why and want to talk about why I enjoy the summer so much! First of all, the warm weather is just wonderful! Having warm weather open… Continue Reading →

Places I’ve traveled

In this blog I want to go over the places I’ve traveled which is quite a lot but I am going to talk about some of my favourite places I have gone. By far my favourite place I have gone… Continue Reading →

About Kaelynn!

Kaelynn is one of my best and closest friends so I’ve decided to to make s blog about her. Kaelynn has quite a normal yet fun life, one of her favourite things to do is read actually! Some one of… Continue Reading →

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