My Favourite Music Artists

Since it’s almost the beginning of a new year I thought it would be a good idea to almost a reintroduction of myself on my blog by starting with what kind of music I listen too.

Music is a large part of my life I enjoy to play it since I play ukulele and also I just listen to music a lot and when I say a lot I mean a ton.

Tyler The Creator- Honestly Tyler The Creator is my personal favourite artist since I absolutely love his music, I own all his albums on vinyl and i don’t like to admit it but my records have begun to warn out a tiny bit since I spin them so often. Some of my favourite songs by him are November, She, and 911/ Mr.lonely. I’ve listen to all of his albums over and over again but my favourite out of all of them will always be Flowerboy. Flowerboy is a Hiphop, Jazz rap, and neo soul album that came out in June of 2017. I think the reason I enjoy this album so much is that just from the album cover you can tell it’s a summer album and whenever I listen to it it reminds me of summer and just good times overall.

Another one of my favourite artists are Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is a Alternative R&B artist that is based from New Orleans. Frank Ocean is a artist i began listening to not that long ago but despite that I’ve learned to appreciate him as an artist a large amount. Some of my favourite songs by Frank Ocean are Novacane, Self Control and Pink + White. Most of my favourite songs by Frank Ocean are from his second studio album Blond. Blond is probably also one of my favourite albums of all time and I think its because each song in the album tells a story but in a song and I really enjoy that.

Last but certainly not least I’m going to talk about is Lil Yachty. Lil Yachty is a Hip hop and rap artist that’s originally is from Atlanta, Georgia his discography consists of 4 studio albums, three mixtapes, and a collaborative mix tape. The reason I enjoy Yachty’s music so much is that he has such an interesting sound to along that he’s never afraid to change his style, sound or anything along the lines of that. Some of my favourite songs by him are Nbayoungboat and a feature he did on the song Broccoli with the artist Dram. My favourite work by him is Lil Boat 2 which is his latest studio album and the reason I like this one so much is because he’s not afraid to switch up his sound and this album consists of a lot of features by artists that I enjoy and also sound good.

Places I want to travel!

For only being 13 years old I’d like to say that I’ve traveled quite a lot but there’s still some places I would love to travel too.

I don’t know about you but for quite a while now I’ve wanted to travel to the U.K but more specifically to England. It has always just intrigued me since it’s so similar to where I’m from but yet so different at the same time, just the way the weather is that is so similar to our weather but yet it’s more rainy which is perfect for me since I absolutely love rain. Another good thing about the weather is that it’s not to hot out since is good because just this year I realized how much I can’t handle hot weather since we were in Florida this year I found that I could not be in the sun for very long at all. Other than the weather I just find it looks so cool over there and I would love to travel there.

A place quite a bit different from England that I would love to visit is Belgium, from what I’ve seen is absolutely beautiful, One thing about Belgium is that the official languages are Dutch, French, and German but I’m hoping to become fluent in French throughout the rest of the years in school so I could travel places that are French speaking. Belgium is also very famous for it’s food more specific they’re baking and myself I am very into baking/cooking so that would be another reason I would like to go there. But other than language and there baking just look of the country it’s beautiful there.

Moving on from Europe even though I can’t handle heat that well there is one place in South America that I would go to despite the heat, Which is Chile. When me nd my parents travel there very into experiencing different cultures and since I’m with them I experience the culture too. Chile has just always fascinated me and I’ve always known I want to go to Chile. Along with Chile I’d love to go to Argentina, I think the only reason I even want to travel to these places so bad is that I’m very into geography and just learning about places in the world. I love looking at different landscapes like rain forests or even just a small town. Along with being able to try out new things is so in words inspiring since I know I could never experience it if I don’t trravel.

My Summer!

The summer break I had this year was packed with loads of fun stuff, twists and turns, ect.

One of the first things I did this summer was go to camp, both me and Madi went together. If I’m being honest it was super fun but some part’s weren’t the best, like Madi being stung in the face by a wasp on the zipline and half of her face fully puffing up. But the activities we chose to do were actually pretty fun we did Map quest, kayaking, drama, and outdoor survival, Madi’s mom decided to put us in drama and we were dreading going to it but it turned out to be one of favourite activities. Outdoor survival was actually really fun too, me and madi just kind of goofed off during it and were paying someone to do bad stuff since we wouldn’t but it was very fun in the end. Kayaking was ok but since we were doing the same thing pretty much every single day it got boring overtime, Map quest was my least favourite activity though it was pretty repetitive but Madi was once really tired during it and with her stung face they felt bad so they just let both of us sleep through the whole hour. Even if it didn’t go as planned it was a very fun experience and I would do it again.

Along with going to camp this summer my absolute favourite part of the summer for me was going to the states. So in January of this year we had a big plan that we were going to fly to Florida on West Jet but let’s just say the plan fell through, so we decided on going in the summer which anyways makes more sense than going during school since i’d have to catch up on a ton of work when I got back since I wouldn’t want to be doing it while I was in Florida. But me and my parents drove to Minneapolis and stayed the night there so we were prepared for our flight the next day. But other than that when we were there we went to the Mall of America and did a little shopping. I got a few new books and a sweatshirt but that’s about it for what I got. So the next day we headed on our flight to Florida and let me tell you it was not the greatest, we took a different airline then we usually take so we weren’t on west jet. But when we got there it was awesome! We spent most of the time we were in Florida at Disny but some days we just sat around by the pool and enjoyed the warmth. We went to all the parks this time and it was awesome! There was a Ratatouille ride and let me tell you it smelt amazing like how I imagine it smells in the restaurant!

This summer in my opinion was the best one yet and I can’t wait to have many more summers like these!

My Favourite Movies

One thing that I will always enjoy doing is sitting down on a Saturday night with a bunch of junk food and binge watching a series or just sitting down and watching a movie so I decided why not make a blog about my top 3 favourite movies!

I know this might sound a tad bit childish but I absolutely love pixar movies but in specific, My personal favourite will always be Ratatouille. I don’t know if it’s the animation, the food, or just the strange story line. But I’m absolutely in love with this movie. Besides the fact I’m always get hungry when I watch it, it’s one of those movies that I’m never not in the mood for it. I also just love the way that it shows if your creative you can make almost anything happen, like would you ever think you would be watch a movie about a rat sitting in a chef’s hat controlling the way he cooks by his hair would be such a good movie!

Most of the movies I watch are introduced by my mom and I can’t believe one of her favourite movies from when she was a teenager would end up being one of my favourite movies also. If your wondering what movie I’m talking about I’m talking about Back to the Future, personally I love the story line to this story I think it’s just so fun to watch since it shows a few different time lines in it. It’s based in the 80’s since that’s when it was made but I just love old movies like Back to the Future so much since it has a retro feel to it. Me and my friend are even planning on going as Doc and Marty for Halloween this year!

Another movie that my mom introduced me to that is now one of my favourites is Clueless. I know this movie is sort of a silly one but it’s one of my favourite’s since it’s meant to be that way. I enjoy it so much because of the style in it, the music, and just how the comedy is in the movie. Like I said with Ratatouille this is one movie that i can sit down and watch anytime just because I enjoy it so much! I also find it so weird because me and my mom aren’t the same personality wise but we like the exact same things!

Summer is absolutely amazing!

I know summer is probably the most popular season among many, but i understand why and want to talk about why I enjoy the summer so much!

First of all, the warm weather is just wonderful! Having warm weather open ups many more things you can participate in some of my favourites include swimming, kayaking, and hiking. I know hiking is something you can do all year long but were I’m from it would be almost out of the question if you wanted to go during the winter seasons since you would have to track through tons of snow but in the fall months it would probably be snowing or just be to cold to go.

Another thing that makes me appreciate summer so much is that there is no school! I mean school isn’t the worst thing in the world but if I had the choice to not go I would chose that option. Without going to school for 2 months straight there’s alot that you could do that’s a lot funner like what i said in the paragraph above swimming, kayaking, and hiking but my favourite thing to do in the summer is to hang out with friends. Summer also allows you to sleepover on weekdays! Which means you could spend much more time with friends which is the highlight of summer for me.

Vacation is also a large part of summer for me. At least every summer me and my family go on trips mostly road trips but sometimes we fly. Like this summer I’m going to Flordia but I’m both flying and driving. Just the word vacation gives me the feel of summer. Vacation means a lot to me it means spending time with family but also going to really cool place that make you feel like you are in a movie about yourself!

With all the fun stuff that comes with summer like not having school, hot weather, and going on vacation this is why I love summer!

Places I’ve traveled

In this blog I want to go over the places I’ve traveled which is quite a lot but I am going to talk about some of my favourite places I have gone.

By far my favourite place I have gone to is Flordia but since I’ve written a blog about it I’m going to show the coolest place I’ve been driving to Flordia is Georgia. Georgia is the last state I visit before me and my family reach Florida, I’ve been there 4 times already and I can say they have some of the coolest small towns to ever exist my favourite is the town some of the parts of The Walking dead was filmed in. It’s a small town called Senoia, it’s a very popular place for tourist’s. By far the best part of it is the scenario but an another amazing part of it is the amount of cat’s wandering around town.

One place that I must mention is Tennessee, I haven’t slept over night in the sate but I have driven through it numerous times. But one place always sticks in my head whenever I hear Tennessee and that’s Ruby Fall’s. Ruby falls is a cave that you can take tours through but the reason they call it “Ruby Falls” is that there’s an underground waterfall that is absolutely beautiful to see especially when it lights up. It’s an absolute most to see if your in the state. But on a different note another reason I enjoy the state is because that’s where I first tried Sonic which is an amazing fast food place. The waiter’s give you your food on rollerskates and it overall has a very cool theme.

The last place I want to talk about is Costa Rica, I really enjoyed all of this trip. It’s a beautiful place with lots of vibrant colours, plantation and some very cool exotic animals. When I went to Costa Rica it was the first time I’ve seen monkeys in another place besides the zoo and wow was it cool! I forget the place me and my family went but we went ziplining in the jungle and wow was it beautiful there! It had loads of pretty colours but I saw a really large brown mouth and it scared the living crap out of me so that was’nt so great but besides that it was a wonderful place to go see.

About Kaelynn!

Kaelynn is one of my best and closest friends so I’ve decided to to make s blog about her.

Kaelynn has quite a normal yet fun life, one of her favourite things to do is read actually! Some one of her favourite books are It Ends With Us by Collen Hoover. She has a large range of colours she enjoys including dark periwinkle, sage, and grey. I find it cool how we have one of the same colours which is sage!

Kaelynn is also an animal lover! She has a dog named Ruby, she’s a beagle. On the topic of animals Kaelynn enjoys baby cows as she likes to call them that instead of calves, when she’s older she wants to get one as a pet!

Some of Kaelynn’s hobbies are sleeping, hanging out with friends (me), and also swimming! When she was younger she did swimming lessons! When Kaelynn is older she has a list of jobs laid out that she wants to be such as a doctor, detective. and a lawyer. In specific she inspires to be a family lawyer so she can divorce people! (How fun!)

But at the end of the day Kaelynn either loves to be on her phone texting friends or drifting off and watching netflixx, Some of her favourite shows are Greys Anatomy and Ginny and Georgia.

A Rant on How Good Wii is

I know many people who appreciate old retro games such as Mario, Kirby and Sonic games that are played on arcade machines or on a original Nintendo. Yet I never see anyone praise on a older type of device produced by Nintendo, The Wii!

The first ever Wii was made on November 16th, 2006. In the first year of the Wii coming out they sold over 20 million units making it surpass Nintendo’s most popular device as right now the Nintendo switch which sold 17.4 million units. The Wii is most notoriously known for it’s own Mii games such as Wii sports, Tomodachi Life and Miitopia. Although the Wii was popular was over the years it began to lose popularity and now isn’t talked about anymore.

Wii losing it’s popularity was of course going to happen with new technology coming out that was going to dethrone it but the Wii has had some very good games that are still talked about such as Wii sports. Wii sports was ahead of it’s time, with motion sensing technology that’s how it had gotten so big.

Wii sports is the most known Wii game out of each game that you could play on a Wii, and this game right here is probably the reason I used to lover playing Wii. It’s so much different than the other games you can play on the Wii, the reason I think it got so popular is how you could still play a video game but be moving around in order to play it and it’s also a really fun game despite it being an older game. Looking back at the game the graphics aren’t very good it’s very pixelated but it’s almost like watching an old pixar movie. The game reminds me of toy story a lot because the first time I watched it I didn’t look very much at the graphics and just payed attetion to the storyline but looking back you can see the graphics were a lot worse than you remember.

But despite the faults of this gaming devices it does give you a sense of nostalgia and is totally worth revisiting!

My Cat Mucklucks

I was utterly stuck on what to write about on my blog but I have came to the decision of writing about my cat Mucklucks, since he has so much personality and is a very sweet cat.

Some basic information about Mucklucks is that he’s a applehead siamese cat which is a breed originated from Thailand, he’s about 11 years old now, the last thing you need to know is that Mucklucks is apart of twins he has a brother named Dr.Jones. I think one of the main reasons Mucklucks sticks out so much is based on his appearance. He’s a pretty big cat but one of the reasons he sticks out so much is that he licks his stomach bald. That may sound weird because it does but the main cause of that is him being stressed and he does it to almost get his frustration out.

That’s a picture of him, sorry it’s a bit blurry

Another reason Mucklucks sticks out so much is his personality. First of all he loves food, he would pick a bag of meow mix over me any day. Besides the fact of Mucklucks being a pig he is a very sweet cat. He may wake you up at 3 in the morning because he is hungry but it all makes up for it if he comes and rubs up against you. He especially likes to do this when you baking/cooking in the kitchen, he will come up to when your in the middle of doing something and rub up against your legs. Another thing Mucklucks likes to do is not only eat cat food but human food also. Just the other day when me and my friend were making breadsticks my mom told me to come over to the oven and on the stove top there was paw marks made with olive oil which we keep on the counter. Let’s just say both if the cats got in trouble by my mom.

The last thing about Mucklucks I want to talk about is once again his appearance but in photos. He’s always doing something odd when you decide to talk a photo of him. Maybe not odd but something that always ends in a spiral of laughs. One of my favourites is how he makes cute faces when you do like sticking his tongue out at you, winking at you, rolling his eyes, and there is so much more. So I’ve decided to show my favourite picture I have of him. I don’t have many but by far this is my favourite.

Disney World

In my life I’ve been on many different vacations, but I always appreciate the times I went to Florida mostly because of Disney. So today I will be talking about memories I’ve had when I was there and just about the park in general!

When anyone thinks about the Disney Parks the first thing that comes to mind for most is the rides, Well for me at least. One of my favourite rides at Disney and just the whole world in general is The Haunted Mansion. This ride is a slow dark ride which takes place in what the name of it displays a haunted mansion. This is me and my moms favourite ride because of the scenario of it and the smell which is odd to say the least but it smells so much like an old house. It has almost a musky smell in it but in a good way. The also capture the scene of it just right especially in the ballroom scene. This displays many ghost dancing together in a dark ballroom.

All the way throughout this ride is wonderful but when you make it to this spot it’s a whole different level of amazing.

Moving onto attractions other than rides I chose to talk about The Enchanted Tiki Room. The Enchanted Tiki Room is a show where you sit down and enjoy a variety of different tropical birds sing and put on a show for you to watch down below. I think this is an amazing experience to go and watch, It is so worth the time. It takes place in a tropical themed hut that doubles as a bar. When you enter it and look up towards the roof you’ll see beautiful lights hanging off of the ceiling followed by birds standing right side up on bird stands.

I think the inside and the outside of the building are utterly beautiful and deserve more people to talk about it.

The food also makes Disney World “The happiest place in the world”. I think anyone that has step even a foot inside of that park knows that the food is some of the best to ever exist. There is many foods that stick out to me but one that sticks out the most is a treat I talked about in my last blog. Dole Whip. Dole whip is a sweet treat that is very similar to pineapple ice cream but is so much better. Its light and fluffy yet can be considered to be a frozen treat. Anyone who has had the delicious treat touch their taste buds know how good it is