Summer is absolutely amazing!

I know summer is probably the most popular season among many, but i understand why and want to talk about why I enjoy the summer so much!

First of all, the warm weather is just wonderful! Having warm weather open ups many more things you can participate in some of my favourites include swimming, kayaking, and hiking. I know hiking is something you can do all year long but were I’m from it would be almost out of the question if you wanted to go during the winter seasons since you would have to track through tons of snow but in the fall months it would probably be snowing or just be to cold to go.

Another thing that makes me appreciate summer so much is that there is no school! I mean school isn’t the worst thing in the world but if I had the choice to not go I would chose that option. Without going to school for 2 months straight there’s alot that you could do that’s a lot funner like what i said in the paragraph above swimming, kayaking, and hiking but my favourite thing to do in the summer is to hang out with friends. Summer also allows you to sleepover on weekdays! Which means you could spend much more time with friends which is the highlight of summer for me.

Vacation is also a large part of summer for me. At least every summer me and my family go on trips mostly road trips but sometimes we fly. Like this summer I’m going to Flordia but I’m both flying and driving. Just the word vacation gives me the feel of summer. Vacation means a lot to me it means spending time with family but also going to really cool place that make you feel like you are in a movie about yourself!

With all the fun stuff that comes with summer like not having school, hot weather, and going on vacation this is why I love summer!

Places I’ve traveled

In this blog I want to go over the places I’ve traveled which is quite a lot but I am going to talk about some of my favourite places I have gone.

By far my favourite place I have gone to is Flordia but since I’ve written a blog about it I’m going to show the coolest place I’ve been driving to Flordia is Georgia. Georgia is the last state I visit before me and my family reach Florida, I’ve been there 4 times already and I can say they have some of the coolest small towns to ever exist my favourite is the town some of the parts of The Walking dead was filmed in. It’s a small town called Senoia, it’s a very popular place for tourist’s. By far the best part of it is the scenario but an another amazing part of it is the amount of cat’s wandering around town.

One place that I must mention is Tennessee, I haven’t slept over night in the sate but I have driven through it numerous times. But one place always sticks in my head whenever I hear Tennessee and that’s Ruby Fall’s. Ruby falls is a cave that you can take tours through but the reason they call it “Ruby Falls” is that there’s an underground waterfall that is absolutely beautiful to see especially when it lights up. It’s an absolute most to see if your in the state. But on a different note another reason I enjoy the state is because that’s where I first tried Sonic which is an amazing fast food place. The waiter’s give you your food on rollerskates and it overall has a very cool theme.

The last place I want to talk about is Costa Rica, I really enjoyed all of this trip. It’s a beautiful place with lots of vibrant colours, plantation and some very cool exotic animals. When I went to Costa Rica it was the first time I’ve seen monkeys in another place besides the zoo and wow was it cool! I forget the place me and my family went but we went ziplining in the jungle and wow was it beautiful there! It had loads of pretty colours but I saw a really large brown mouth and it scared the living crap out of me so that was’nt so great but besides that it was a wonderful place to go see.

About Kaelynn!

Kaelynn is one of my best and closest friends so I’ve decided to to make s blog about her.

Kaelynn has quite a normal yet fun life, one of her favourite things to do is read actually! Some one of her favourite books are It Ends With Us by Collen Hoover. She has a large range of colours she enjoys including dark periwinkle, sage, and grey. I find it cool how we have one of the same colours which is sage!

Kaelynn is also an animal lover! She has a dog named Ruby, she’s a beagle. On the topic of animals Kaelynn enjoys baby cows as she likes to call them that instead of calves, when she’s older she wants to get one as a pet!

Some of Kaelynn’s hobbies are sleeping, hanging out with friends (me), and also swimming! When she was younger she did swimming lessons! When Kaelynn is older she has a list of jobs laid out that she wants to be such as a doctor, detective. and a lawyer. In specific she inspires to be a family lawyer so she can divorce people! (How fun!)

But at the end of the day Kaelynn either loves to be on her phone texting friends or drifting off and watching netflixx, Some of her favourite shows are Greys Anatomy and Ginny and Georgia.

A Rant on How Good Wii is

I know many people who appreciate old retro games such as Mario, Kirby and Sonic games that are played on arcade machines or on a original Nintendo. Yet I never see anyone praise on a older type of device produced by Nintendo, The Wii!

The first ever Wii was made on November 16th, 2006. In the first year of the Wii coming out they sold over 20 million units making it surpass Nintendo’s most popular device as right now the Nintendo switch which sold 17.4 million units. The Wii is most notoriously known for it’s own Mii games such as Wii sports, Tomodachi Life and Miitopia. Although the Wii was popular was over the years it began to lose popularity and now isn’t talked about anymore.

Wii losing it’s popularity was of course going to happen with new technology coming out that was going to dethrone it but the Wii has had some very good games that are still talked about such as Wii sports. Wii sports was ahead of it’s time, with motion sensing technology that’s how it had gotten so big.

Wii sports is the most known Wii game out of each game that you could play on a Wii, and this game right here is probably the reason I used to lover playing Wii. It’s so much different than the other games you can play on the Wii, the reason I think it got so popular is how you could still play a video game but be moving around in order to play it and it’s also a really fun game despite it being an older game. Looking back at the game the graphics aren’t very good it’s very pixelated but it’s almost like watching an old pixar movie. The game reminds me of toy story a lot because the first time I watched it I didn’t look very much at the graphics and just payed attetion to the storyline but looking back you can see the graphics were a lot worse than you remember.

But despite the faults of this gaming devices it does give you a sense of nostalgia and is totally worth revisiting!

My Cat Mucklucks

I was utterly stuck on what to write about on my blog but I have came to the decision of writing about my cat Mucklucks, since he has so much personality and is a very sweet cat.

Some basic information about Mucklucks is that he’s a applehead siamese cat which is a breed originated from Thailand, he’s about 11 years old now, the last thing you need to know is that Mucklucks is apart of twins he has a brother named Dr.Jones. I think one of the main reasons Mucklucks sticks out so much is based on his appearance. He’s a pretty big cat but one of the reasons he sticks out so much is that he licks his stomach bald. That may sound weird because it does but the main cause of that is him being stressed and he does it to almost get his frustration out.

That’s a picture of him, sorry it’s a bit blurry

Another reason Mucklucks sticks out so much is his personality. First of all he loves food, he would pick a bag of meow mix over me any day. Besides the fact of Mucklucks being a pig he is a very sweet cat. He may wake you up at 3 in the morning because he is hungry but it all makes up for it if he comes and rubs up against you. He especially likes to do this when you baking/cooking in the kitchen, he will come up to when your in the middle of doing something and rub up against your legs. Another thing Mucklucks likes to do is not only eat cat food but human food also. Just the other day when me and my friend were making breadsticks my mom told me to come over to the oven and on the stove top there was paw marks made with olive oil which we keep on the counter. Let’s just say both if the cats got in trouble by my mom.

The last thing about Mucklucks I want to talk about is once again his appearance but in photos. He’s always doing something odd when you decide to talk a photo of him. Maybe not odd but something that always ends in a spiral of laughs. One of my favourites is how he makes cute faces when you do like sticking his tongue out at you, winking at you, rolling his eyes, and there is so much more. So I’ve decided to show my favourite picture I have of him. I don’t have many but by far this is my favourite.

Disney World

In my life I’ve been on many different vacations, but I always appreciate the times I went to Florida mostly because of Disney. So today I will be talking about memories I’ve had when I was there and just about the park in general!

When anyone thinks about the Disney Parks the first thing that comes to mind for most is the rides, Well for me at least. One of my favourite rides at Disney and just the whole world in general is The Haunted Mansion. This ride is a slow dark ride which takes place in what the name of it displays a haunted mansion. This is me and my moms favourite ride because of the scenario of it and the smell which is odd to say the least but it smells so much like an old house. It has almost a musky smell in it but in a good way. The also capture the scene of it just right especially in the ballroom scene. This displays many ghost dancing together in a dark ballroom.

All the way throughout this ride is wonderful but when you make it to this spot it’s a whole different level of amazing.

Moving onto attractions other than rides I chose to talk about The Enchanted Tiki Room. The Enchanted Tiki Room is a show where you sit down and enjoy a variety of different tropical birds sing and put on a show for you to watch down below. I think this is an amazing experience to go and watch, It is so worth the time. It takes place in a tropical themed hut that doubles as a bar. When you enter it and look up towards the roof you’ll see beautiful lights hanging off of the ceiling followed by birds standing right side up on bird stands.

I think the inside and the outside of the building are utterly beautiful and deserve more people to talk about it.

The food also makes Disney World “The happiest place in the world”. I think anyone that has step even a foot inside of that park knows that the food is some of the best to ever exist. There is many foods that stick out to me but one that sticks out the most is a treat I talked about in my last blog. Dole Whip. Dole whip is a sweet treat that is very similar to pineapple ice cream but is so much better. Its light and fluffy yet can be considered to be a frozen treat. Anyone who has had the delicious treat touch their taste buds know how good it is

Things that make my day

I have always been into appreciating the little things that make my day just a bit better that leave me thinking about it. So i have decided to do my blog about some small or little things that make my day.

One of the things that always make my day is talking to Kaelynn. I don’t know why but talking to her or just seeing her in general makes my day. Even if i have a really bad or crappy day I always seem to brighten up when i see or talk to her. On the topic of talking to people, I don’t know if this is sort of understandable to other but. Have you ever had a bad day like coming home from school and you failed a test or just are in a bad mood. I think its one of the best feelings to have someone call you and ask how you are when your in that sort of mood.

Another small thing that makes my day is bumping into someone that you have not seen in a while. Have you ever been out in the city or just in a grocery store in your town and bump into someone you have not seen in a while. Its one of the best feelings in the world to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in forever, even if its just a short conversation about how you have been doing or even just saying hi when your passing by. It utterly doesn’t matter it’s just a warm feeling in the inside like your getting a warm hug.

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It sort of feels like one of these rugs.

Have you ever watched an old Disney movie like Alice in wonderland or Dumbo? If you have you know that it doesn’t feel magical like some articles might describe it but it certainly does feel nice. I don’t know why but there is a big connection to me and old things. ] collect antiques and so does my mom. Most of mine are Disney antiques. But back to Disney movies it makes my whole day just sitting down and watching either a Disney cartoon with her or a movies. They always seem to lighten up her mood not just hers but mine to if i must add.

I added a link to my favourite old Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland” if you have interested:

Some of my favourite things

I have never made a blog about things I like and enjoy doing. So today I decided to make a blog about my favourite things.

One thing that seems perfect to me is old rock music. Not all of it is amazing or even good but most of the genre of music if well in my opinion the best. Some of my favourite songs are Killer Queen and Good Old Fashion Lover-boy by Queen. This is not necessarily considered “Old rock” but one of my favourite bands is Nirvana, My favourite songs by them are “Come as you are” and also “Heart Shaped Box”.

Something else that seems perfect to me is the weather and smell right before it starts to rain. I prefer it when its humid and the sky is dark in the Summer time rather than it being bright and sunny in Summer. One things that kind of “sets the atmosphere” before it rains is the smell. That is probably the smell I would keep if i was only aloud to smell one thing ever again. It just can not be considered a “rainy day” if it doesn’t have that smell.

why you cant smell rain

One of the best feelings in my opinion is being on a roller coaster or the feeling you get when you go up or down a large hill in a car vehicle. I love the feeling of thrill in a good way. I do not mean the type of thrill you feel in your stomach if you were hanging off a large cliff but just the feeling in your stomach when you climb up a big hill on a rollercoaster I absolutely love it. I have been to Costa Rica before and one of my favourite memories of being there is when we had to go in a Uber in the mountains it was beautiful, Which was close to an area where they filmed Jurassic Park.

The best food to ever exist in my opinion is called “Dole whip”. It’s actually a dessert that is from Disney not any of the movies but from the parks. It’s a sort of ice cream or frozen whip cream dessert. That wasn’t a good explanation at all but it comes in various different flavours but the most known and popular one is pineapple flavoured one. It might not sound as amazing as I’m putting it out to be but it is. It has no sour after taste like real pineapple but it still captures the taste of it.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed

Weird Phobias

In the world there is a lot of odd things people are scared of, More common things like spiders, disasters, bears and the dark. But other people might have fears/phobias we deem weird such as having the fear of making decisions, the phobia of phobias and the fear of hair. Today I will be taking about some of these phobias we deem weird or odd.

Decidophobia: The fear of making decisions. This might not seem like such a large deal but it has a very big effect on the people who have it. The word “Decidophobia” is known from the Book called “Without guilt and Justice” by University philosopher Walter Kaufmann. There is various things you could do to overcome this fear such as preparing for any outcome even if its just a little thing so you can be prepared, reducing the amount of decisions you make in a day, making a schedule for the day and what you will be doing and starting with your priorities.

Somniphobia: The fear of going to be or falling asleep. This fear is not so common in people. People who endure this type of phobia are most likely linked to anxiety running in the family, sleeping disorders and most commonly is within children and women. This fear might sound childish but it is not. Its not that these people have a fear of the boogyman coming and getting them when they are asleep. Its mostly being afraid of not wakening up, something very important happening in there sleep. This fear can also come in when your not asleep like thinking about how you will not fall asleep at night because this is bothering you so much. This fear also may be because the people who have it have sleep paralysis and it is to much for them to handle so they try there hardest to not fall asleep.

Thanks for reading my blog of the week! There is many fears I left out of this blog but I hope this gives you a better understanding of what people with these fears are like.

Shelley Duvall

The Shining is one of my favourite movies and is my favourite horror movies of all time. So I decided to do my blog post about the actor of Wendy Torrance Shelley Duvall.

The shinning was not based on a true story but is based off of a real hotel that is claimed to be haunted. Some people don’t realize how hard the making of the movie affected the actors. One of the main actors in the movie named Shelley Alexis Duvall was in awful condition while they were making the movie, But still put on an amazing role as Wendy Torrance. Shelly was made fun of her looks by other cast members, That was only one of the tons of reasons she was in such bad mental health at the time. She engaged herself in the character meaning she would barley eat or drink while they were making the movie to make herself look pale and skinny so it looked like she was really going insane. She wouldn’t even drink as much as a cup of water a day so she could appeal pale and sick. Shelley would have awful headaches because of how much she had to scream and cry during scenes. This was just the start of the horrible downfall of her mental health. It was almost like complete isolation when they filmed The Shining, They spent many hours on set getting the perfect shot. Yes, Of course they had other actors and directors, But it was very different then filming a movie in a public area and not in a large hotel in the mountains. Shelley was always overwhelmed in the making because of how sick she had gotten. After they had finally finished the filming Shelly wished that she had not done the role but was thrilled when the movie was done and became one of the best horror movies of all time.

The aftermath of the filming left Shelley in a bad mental state for years. It took over 56 weeks just to film the whole movie, That might not sound long but that’s over a whole year that is 9408 hours without any breaks. This caused Shelley to not be in the acting spotlight for over 3 decades. While filming Shelley wasn’t fake crying in most scenes she was either under tons of stress or was terrified of actor Jack Nicholas. Shelley was doing an interview and she said “Everyday it was very hard. Jack was good-so damn scary. I can only imagine how women can go through this kind of thing.”