Shelley Duvall

The Shining is one of my favourite movies and is my favourite horror movies of all time. So I decided to do my blog post about the actor of Wendy Torrance Shelley Duvall.

The shinning was not based on a true story but is based off of a real hotel that is claimed to be haunted. Some people don’t realize how hard the making of the movie affected the actors. One of the main actors in the movie named Shelley Alexis Duvall was in awful condition while they were making the movie, But still put on an amazing role as Wendy Torrance. Shelly was made fun of her looks by other cast members, That was only one of the tons of reasons she was in such bad mental health at the time. She engaged herself in the character meaning she would barley eat or drink while they were making the movie to make herself look pale and skinny so it looked like she was really going insane. She wouldn’t even drink as much as a cup of water a day so she could appeal pale and sick. Shelley would have awful headaches because of how much she had to scream and cry during scenes. This was just the start of the horrible downfall of her mental health. It was almost like complete isolation when they filmed The Shining, They spent many hours on set getting the perfect shot. Yes, Of course they had other actors and directors, But it was very different then filming a movie in a public area and not in a large hotel in the mountains. Shelley was always overwhelmed in the making because of how sick she had gotten. After they had finally finished the filming Shelly wished that she had not done the role but was thrilled when the movie was done and became one of the best horror movies of all time.

The aftermath of the filming left Shelley in a bad mental state for years. It took over 56 weeks just to film the whole movie, That might not sound long but that’s over a whole year that is 9408 hours without any breaks. This caused Shelley to not be in the acting spotlight for over 3 decades. While filming Shelley wasn’t fake crying in most scenes she was either under tons of stress or was terrified of actor Jack Nicholas. Shelley was doing an interview and she said “Everyday it was very hard. Jack was good-so damn scary. I can only imagine how women can go through this kind of thing.”

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