Some of my favourite things

I have never made a blog about things I like and enjoy doing. So today I decided to make a blog about my favourite things.

One thing that seems perfect to me is old rock music. Not all of it is amazing or even good but most of the genre of music if well in my opinion the best. Some of my favourite songs are Killer Queen and Good Old Fashion Lover-boy by Queen. This is not necessarily considered “Old rock” but one of my favourite bands is Nirvana, My favourite songs by them are “Come as you are” and also “Heart Shaped Box”.

Something else that seems perfect to me is the weather and smell right before it starts to rain. I prefer it when its humid and the sky is dark in the Summer time rather than it being bright and sunny in Summer. One things that kind of “sets the atmosphere” before it rains is the smell. That is probably the smell I would keep if i was only aloud to smell one thing ever again. It just can not be considered a “rainy day” if it doesn’t have that smell.

why you cant smell rain

One of the best feelings in my opinion is being on a roller coaster or the feeling you get when you go up or down a large hill in a car vehicle. I love the feeling of thrill in a good way. I do not mean the type of thrill you feel in your stomach if you were hanging off a large cliff but just the feeling in your stomach when you climb up a big hill on a rollercoaster I absolutely love it. I have been to Costa Rica before and one of my favourite memories of being there is when we had to go in a Uber in the mountains it was beautiful, Which was close to an area where they filmed Jurassic Park.

The best food to ever exist in my opinion is called “Dole whip”. It’s actually a dessert that is from Disney not any of the movies but from the parks. It’s a sort of ice cream or frozen whip cream dessert. That wasn’t a good explanation at all but it comes in various different flavours but the most known and popular one is pineapple flavoured one. It might not sound as amazing as I’m putting it out to be but it is. It has no sour after taste like real pineapple but it still captures the taste of it.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed

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