Things that make my day

I have always been into appreciating the little things that make my day just a bit better that leave me thinking about it. So i have decided to do my blog about some small or little things that make my day.

One of the things that always make my day is talking to Kaelynn. I don’t know why but talking to her or just seeing her in general makes my day. Even if i have a really bad or crappy day I always seem to brighten up when i see or talk to her. On the topic of talking to people, I don’t know if this is sort of understandable to other but. Have you ever had a bad day like coming home from school and you failed a test or just are in a bad mood. I think its one of the best feelings to have someone call you and ask how you are when your in that sort of mood.

Another small thing that makes my day is bumping into someone that you have not seen in a while. Have you ever been out in the city or just in a grocery store in your town and bump into someone you have not seen in a while. Its one of the best feelings in the world to talk to someone you haven’t talked to in forever, even if its just a short conversation about how you have been doing or even just saying hi when your passing by. It utterly doesn’t matter it’s just a warm feeling in the inside like your getting a warm hug.

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Have you ever watched an old Disney movie like Alice in wonderland or Dumbo? If you have you know that it doesn’t feel magical like some articles might describe it but it certainly does feel nice. I don’t know why but there is a big connection to me and old things. ] collect antiques and so does my mom. Most of mine are Disney antiques. But back to Disney movies it makes my whole day just sitting down and watching either a Disney cartoon with her or a movies. They always seem to lighten up her mood not just hers but mine to if i must add.

I added a link to my favourite old Disney movie “Alice in Wonderland” if you have interested:

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