Disney World

In my life I’ve been on many different vacations, but I always appreciate the times I went to Florida mostly because of Disney. So today I will be talking about memories I’ve had when I was there and just about the park in general!

When anyone thinks about the Disney Parks the first thing that comes to mind for most is the rides, Well for me at least. One of my favourite rides at Disney and just the whole world in general is The Haunted Mansion. This ride is a slow dark ride which takes place in what the name of it displays a haunted mansion. This is me and my moms favourite ride because of the scenario of it and the smell which is odd to say the least but it smells so much like an old house. It has almost a musky smell in it but in a good way. The also capture the scene of it just right especially in the ballroom scene. This displays many ghost dancing together in a dark ballroom.

All the way throughout this ride is wonderful but when you make it to this spot it’s a whole different level of amazing.

Moving onto attractions other than rides I chose to talk about The Enchanted Tiki Room. The Enchanted Tiki Room is a show where you sit down and enjoy a variety of different tropical birds sing and put on a show for you to watch down below. I think this is an amazing experience to go and watch, It is so worth the time. It takes place in a tropical themed hut that doubles as a bar. When you enter it and look up towards the roof you’ll see beautiful lights hanging off of the ceiling followed by birds standing right side up on bird stands.

I think the inside and the outside of the building are utterly beautiful and deserve more people to talk about it.

The food also makes Disney World “The happiest place in the world”. I think anyone that has step even a foot inside of that park knows that the food is some of the best to ever exist. There is many foods that stick out to me but one that sticks out the most is a treat I talked about in my last blog. Dole Whip. Dole whip is a sweet treat that is very similar to pineapple ice cream but is so much better. Its light and fluffy yet can be considered to be a frozen treat. Anyone who has had the delicious treat touch their taste buds know how good it is