My Cat Mucklucks

I was utterly stuck on what to write about on my blog but I have came to the decision of writing about my cat Mucklucks, since he has so much personality and is a very sweet cat.

Some basic information about Mucklucks is that he’s a applehead siamese cat which is a breed originated from Thailand, he’s about 11 years old now, the last thing you need to know is that Mucklucks is apart of twins he has a brother named Dr.Jones. I think one of the main reasons Mucklucks sticks out so much is based on his appearance. He’s a pretty big cat but one of the reasons he sticks out so much is that he licks his stomach bald. That may sound weird because it does but the main cause of that is him being stressed and he does it to almost get his frustration out.

That’s a picture of him, sorry it’s a bit blurry

Another reason Mucklucks sticks out so much is his personality. First of all he loves food, he would pick a bag of meow mix over me any day. Besides the fact of Mucklucks being a pig he is a very sweet cat. He may wake you up at 3 in the morning because he is hungry but it all makes up for it if he comes and rubs up against you. He especially likes to do this when you baking/cooking in the kitchen, he will come up to when your in the middle of doing something and rub up against your legs. Another thing Mucklucks likes to do is not only eat cat food but human food also. Just the other day when me and my friend were making breadsticks my mom told me to come over to the oven and on the stove top there was paw marks made with olive oil which we keep on the counter. Let’s just say both if the cats got in trouble by my mom.

The last thing about Mucklucks I want to talk about is once again his appearance but in photos. He’s always doing something odd when you decide to talk a photo of him. Maybe not odd but something that always ends in a spiral of laughs. One of my favourites is how he makes cute faces when you do like sticking his tongue out at you, winking at you, rolling his eyes, and there is so much more. So I’ve decided to show my favourite picture I have of him. I don’t have many but by far this is my favourite.

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  1. Awwww…you make me miss my old kitty. I like how approachable your writing is. You write in a conversational quality that makes your audience feel open to your ideas. Well done. Stay candid in your writing.

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