A Rant on How Good Wii is

I know many people who appreciate old retro games such as Mario, Kirby and Sonic games that are played on arcade machines or on a original Nintendo. Yet I never see anyone praise on a older type of device produced by Nintendo, The Wii!

The first ever Wii was made on November 16th, 2006. In the first year of the Wii coming out they sold over 20 million units making it surpass Nintendo’s most popular device as right now the Nintendo switch which sold 17.4 million units. The Wii is most notoriously known for it’s own Mii games such as Wii sports, Tomodachi Life and Miitopia. Although the Wii was popular was over the years it began to lose popularity and now isn’t talked about anymore.

Wii losing it’s popularity was of course going to happen with new technology coming out that was going to dethrone it but the Wii has had some very good games that are still talked about such as Wii sports. Wii sports was ahead of it’s time, with motion sensing technology that’s how it had gotten so big.

Wii sports is the most known Wii game out of each game that you could play on a Wii, and this game right here is probably the reason I used to lover playing Wii. It’s so much different than the other games you can play on the Wii, the reason I think it got so popular is how you could still play a video game but be moving around in order to play it and it’s also a really fun game despite it being an older game. Looking back at the game the graphics aren’t very good it’s very pixelated but it’s almost like watching an old pixar movie. The game reminds me of toy story a lot because the first time I watched it I didn’t look very much at the graphics and just payed attetion to the storyline but looking back you can see the graphics were a lot worse than you remember.

But despite the faults of this gaming devices it does give you a sense of nostalgia and is totally worth revisiting!

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