About Kaelynn!

Kaelynn is one of my best and closest friends so I’ve decided to to make s blog about her.

Kaelynn has quite a normal yet fun life, one of her favourite things to do is read actually! Some one of her favourite books are It Ends With Us by Collen Hoover. She has a large range of colours she enjoys including dark periwinkle, sage, and grey. I find it cool how we have one of the same colours which is sage!

Kaelynn is also an animal lover! She has a dog named Ruby, she’s a beagle. On the topic of animals Kaelynn enjoys baby cows as she likes to call them that instead of calves, when she’s older she wants to get one as a pet!

Some of Kaelynn’s hobbies are sleeping, hanging out with friends (me), and also swimming! When she was younger she did swimming lessons! When Kaelynn is older she has a list of jobs laid out that she wants to be such as a doctor, detective. and a lawyer. In specific she inspires to be a family lawyer so she can divorce people! (How fun!)

But at the end of the day Kaelynn either loves to be on her phone texting friends or drifting off and watching netflixx, Some of her favourite shows are Greys Anatomy and Ginny and Georgia.

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