Places I’ve traveled

In this blog I want to go over the places I’ve traveled which is quite a lot but I am going to talk about some of my favourite places I have gone.

By far my favourite place I have gone to is Flordia but since I’ve written a blog about it I’m going to show the coolest place I’ve been driving to Flordia is Georgia. Georgia is the last state I visit before me and my family reach Florida, I’ve been there 4 times already and I can say they have some of the coolest small towns to ever exist my favourite is the town some of the parts of The Walking dead was filmed in. It’s a small town called Senoia, it’s a very popular place for tourist’s. By far the best part of it is the scenario but an another amazing part of it is the amount of cat’s wandering around town.

One place that I must mention is Tennessee, I haven’t slept over night in the sate but I have driven through it numerous times. But one place always sticks in my head whenever I hear Tennessee and that’s Ruby Fall’s. Ruby falls is a cave that you can take tours through but the reason they call it “Ruby Falls” is that there’s an underground waterfall that is absolutely beautiful to see especially when it lights up. It’s an absolute most to see if your in the state. But on a different note another reason I enjoy the state is because that’s where I first tried Sonic which is an amazing fast food place. The waiter’s give you your food on rollerskates and it overall has a very cool theme.

The last place I want to talk about is Costa Rica, I really enjoyed all of this trip. It’s a beautiful place with lots of vibrant colours, plantation and some very cool exotic animals. When I went to Costa Rica it was the first time I’ve seen monkeys in another place besides the zoo and wow was it cool! I forget the place me and my family went but we went ziplining in the jungle and wow was it beautiful there! It had loads of pretty colours but I saw a really large brown mouth and it scared the living crap out of me so that was’nt so great but besides that it was a wonderful place to go see.

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