Summer is absolutely amazing!

I know summer is probably the most popular season among many, but i understand why and want to talk about why I enjoy the summer so much!

First of all, the warm weather is just wonderful! Having warm weather open ups many more things you can participate in some of my favourites include swimming, kayaking, and hiking. I know hiking is something you can do all year long but were I’m from it would be almost out of the question if you wanted to go during the winter seasons since you would have to track through tons of snow but in the fall months it would probably be snowing or just be to cold to go.

Another thing that makes me appreciate summer so much is that there is no school! I mean school isn’t the worst thing in the world but if I had the choice to not go I would chose that option. Without going to school for 2 months straight there’s alot that you could do that’s a lot funner like what i said in the paragraph above swimming, kayaking, and hiking but my favourite thing to do in the summer is to hang out with friends. Summer also allows you to sleepover on weekdays! Which means you could spend much more time with friends which is the highlight of summer for me.

Vacation is also a large part of summer for me. At least every summer me and my family go on trips mostly road trips but sometimes we fly. Like this summer I’m going to Flordia but I’m both flying and driving. Just the word vacation gives me the feel of summer. Vacation means a lot to me it means spending time with family but also going to really cool place that make you feel like you are in a movie about yourself!

With all the fun stuff that comes with summer like not having school, hot weather, and going on vacation this is why I love summer!

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