Weird Phobias

In the world there is a lot of odd things people are scared of, More common things like spiders, disasters, bears and the dark. But other people might have fears/phobias we deem weird such as having the fear of making decisions, the phobia of phobias and the fear of hair. Today I will be taking about some of these phobias we deem weird or odd.

Decidophobia: The fear of making decisions. This might not seem like such a large deal but it has a very big effect on the people who have it. The word “Decidophobia” is known from the Book called “Without guilt and Justice” by University philosopher Walter Kaufmann. There is various things you could do to overcome this fear such as preparing for any outcome even if its just a little thing so you can be prepared, reducing the amount of decisions you make in a day, making a schedule for the day and what you will be doing and starting with your priorities.

Somniphobia: The fear of going to be or falling asleep. This fear is not so common in people. People who endure this type of phobia are most likely linked to anxiety running in the family, sleeping disorders and most commonly is within children and women. This fear might sound childish but it is not. Its not that these people have a fear of the boogyman coming and getting them when they are asleep. Its mostly being afraid of not wakening up, something very important happening in there sleep. This fear can also come in when your not asleep like thinking about how you will not fall asleep at night because this is bothering you so much. This fear also may be because the people who have it have sleep paralysis and it is to much for them to handle so they try there hardest to not fall asleep.

Thanks for reading my blog of the week! There is many fears I left out of this blog but I hope this gives you a better understanding of what people with these fears are like.

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